Hi everyone, 

We made some big changes to PlusGuidance to make things much easier for users and therapists. I know some people don't love change when they have got used to things a certain way, but after a huge amount of research, planning and feedback from our users, we believe these changes will result in PlusGuidance becoming an even better online therapy service. 

For some users, this will be a price increase. If that is true for you, I'm sorry this may be a bit unexpected. We don't have much of a choice about these price points, because we need enough to keep the service going, improve the technology, and grow as a company. 

To summarise what's happening, we are changing from a 'directory model' to a 'service model'. We are unifying the therapists and the business processes, to make things super simple and clear for users, but also to provide a higher quality of service from the therapists and from the PlusGuidance team. By creating more structure, we can be more focused on how we achieve the company vision and mission.  

 1) Set Prices
All services for all PlusGuidance therapists will be priced exactly the same. This will help users greatly by removing the effort of comparing prices between therapists and then between individual services/products too. Set prices will help users focus on finding the right therapist and building that important relationship. 

 2) Subscription Billing
Billing will be taken by a simple recurring subscription so that users can easily budget for therapy each month. Users will be able to easily cancel any time they like via the Payments page and manage their subscription from within their account. As well as being able to easily budget, users will not have to enter credit card details before booking every single session, saving hassle and time.

You will be able to choose your own billing time interval and discount rate, either: Monthly (0% discount), 3-Monthly (10% discount), or 6-Monthly (20% discount). Payments are taken at the beginning of each billing interval, so effectively you prepay for that time period. Cancelling your subscription will stop any future payments from being taken.  

 3) 24/7 Therapy
This is our brand new therapy product that will allow you to send unlimited messages to your therapist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your therapist responds on a schedule of once per working day (5 days per week). The benefit is that you can share your experiences with your therapist at the actual time they happen, and not wait for a booked session. Your therapist then gives you digestible doses of therapy each day. 

  • This product can be bought on its own, or added together with a Live Therapy subscription. 

Pricing Tables
I have displayed the prices as clearly as possible in the tables below. As you can see, there are 3 options for Live Therapy, either doing 2 sessions a week, weekly sessions, or every other week sessions. It will be possible to purchase one-off additional sessions once you are already on any paid subscription, at the same per session price your subscription is already at. You can also have one-off sessions if you are on a 24/7 Therapy subscription. 

Please see our Pricing page for details on our prices and Payment & Subscription Policy.

These prices have been carefully selected to try and keep them as low as possible for users, but not undermine the qualified professional therapists that we hand-pick for PlusGuidance. If you have any feedback for us, please get in touch. 

Thanks for reading.

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